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Friday, 30 March 2012


Corruption means wrong deeds or doing some action which cannot be justified by any law. An action which is against norms of law , ethics or normal values and the person of society involved in such action is said to be corrupt. Corruption is a social and moral evil and not to be tolerated in any society. A society involved in such a crime has no right to survive and complete destruction is its ultimate end. This problem is not a new one. Its history is very old. Many corrupt nations met their ultimate end as history does not spare anyone.
This problem arises when injustice and lust for having more and more, at any cost becomes an evil in the society. The question is who is corrupt, and why the society involves in such a crime and what is the remedy for it? In this materialistic world everyone is trying to get more and more benefits and by doing so he crosses all borders. Corruption has become a national issue. Several governments have been dismissed on this charge. The ruling class is in forefront. The people in power are more involved in this crime because they have lot of power which makes them corrupt.
From chief executive to a peon every official should realize his duty and do it according to law. Doctors, Teachers, Lawyers, whatever the position is one should work honestly and keeping in view the interest of country and nation. A house wife should realize her duty and husband should keep himself within a law abiding means of income. He has a right to make wealth for his life but not at the cost of injuring the rights of others. A teacher should devote himself to teaching and a student should devote himself to his studies. By obeying the religious values we can eradicate this social evil.

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