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Friday, 30 March 2012


Anxiety is defined as nervous disorder characterized by a state of excessive uneasiness. It is a state of mental or physical restlessness. Modern man has become a victim of anxiety. It is, perhaps, his so called modernization that leads him to restlessness. He has become a prey to westernization. Lack of moral values, cut-throat competition in materialistic approach, non existence of humanitarian grounds and indifference to religion are the main obstacles in his way to peace and tranquility. If man wants to conquer happiness and spiritual satisfaction, it will be incumbent upon him to root out the said causes and replace them by moral, religious and human values.
Crux of the mater is that man in the present age, has left the way far behind that leads to mental peace or spiritual satisfaction. It is the way of almighty ALLAH’s worship and meditation. That is the way of self introspection and self assessment. Such a way is not easy one to adopt unless we are GOD-fearing, and we cannot be GOD-fearing unless we bow ourselves down before GOD.
Spiritual satisfaction is directly concerned with spirit. The analogy of spirit is that of an emigrant who becomes happy satisfied merely by getting the good news of his country. Same way our spirit is foreign to this world. It comes from spiritualism. Thus, the only source of its satisfaction and peace is the worship of GOD Almighty. To sum up, it seems worthwhile to say that the ultimate refuge or shelter for today’s wreched and restless man is in Islam. May it be so that we follow the teachings and directions of Islam thoroughly in every sphere of life. Therein lays the end of anxiety.  

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