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Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Happy Mother's Day Special

Mother is a blessing of God, which he has bestowed upon us. The importance of a Mothers in our lives, it is something that we cannot ignore. Mother's love and her presence plays a vital role in our journey of life. We all learn different things from our mother, her advices are what make us deal with the daily life obstacle and setbacks. A Mother is always concern about her child's wellbeing and how to make them a better part of this society. Her heart is like a rare jewel.

A good mother has been historically expect to dedicate her whole life to her family. Mothers are the glue that unites the bond of a family. An ideal Mother try to give her hundred percent to care, love, and put her family before everything else, and to provide them with an ideal environment. A mother is a best role model for her child, she teaches the child a manner to live, a way to connect to the society, and an attitude that they can carry for the rest of their lives. When a women becomes a mother, her whole life takes a turn. Her priorities change. Now, her number one priority becomes her child. She dedicates a large time span of her life in the upbringing of her children in the best possible manner. Mother is one to whom we connect from the day we are born. She is well aware of all our problems even if we don't tell her ourselves. She is the path through which we walked in this world and learned our way to stand up and connect with the society. She is always there for us even when she is angry, sick, or not in best of her moods. Our happiness is what makes her happy. Our success is what makes her feel successful.

A good mother has positive effects on the whole family. Similarly, a bad mother, who doesn't understand and plays her role properly, can have negative consequences on the whole family especially the children.

To conclude, Mother is the best gift, the best companion God has given to this Mankind.
As a popular saying states, "One could only realize the importance of a blessing when it is taken away from him". So keeping this thing in mind, from this moment, we should take more care, show more love, and be more kind towards our Mothers, because this is what makes her feel happy and alive.

So, let me ask you one thing, what was the last time you hugged your Mother? When was the last time you told her how much you love her? 

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