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Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Ten Foods that Will Help you Get Smarter

Guest Post By Smita Subedi

Can you believe that there actually some foods that can help you get smarter? I am not joking, some selective foods contain healthy chemical compound that helps with the normal growth and development of the body, thus making you smarter and healthier.
While many try to avoid the egg yolk for cholesterol reasons, it actually contains a nutrient called choline that has been proved to enhance your memory power. So you better not throw the egg yolk now. It is recommended to try and fit up to two eggs in your diet, three or four times a week.

Although many people do not like the taste of kelp, it actually helps in development of your brain. Kelp is high in magnesium, calcium and iodine, among these nutrients iodine has been proved to help with normal growth and development of the brain and body.
The recent studies have shown that sage is also a memory enhancer. A few drops of sage oil in your diet or food recipe can help you get smarter.

The antioxidants present in the bright colored fruits like blue berries and avocadoes have been proved to delay the brain aging. This is because the antioxidants help to combat free radical damage in your brain. According to researchers, the bright colored fruits mostly contain antioxidants that protect the brain from oxidative damage hence keeping the brain in firing form.

Many of us try to avoid oily fish but actually it is good for your brain. The fish with high levels of fatty acids like tuna, salmon, trout and sardines contains nutrients like EPA and DHA. Both nutrients are helpful for our body development. The EPA has been proved to prevent blood clotting and the DHA is helps to enhance the learning ability and mental development.

There is good news for coffee lovers, coffee actually improves your memory and speeds up reaction times. The recent studies have shown that the individual who is a lifelong coffee drinker has lower risk of Alzheimer’s disease. Coffee helps to increase your motor senses and increase the activity inside your brain thus enhancing your memory power.

Cacao or pure chocolate is also helpful for your brain development. Cacao contains antioxidants as well as the nutrient called epicatechin that promotes learning and memory.
Walnut is full of fatty acids that have been proved to help your brain for optimum function and cognition. This is because our brain needs lots of fatty acids in order to function well.

Next is Water. A recent survey shows that the number one cause of memory loss at the old age is dehydration. Therefore it is recommended to drink enough water so that your brain can function properly.
The last one but not the least is the complex carbohydrates products like wholegrain, oats, brown rice, breads and legumes. These products are high in glucose, an essential nutrient to fuel the brain cells that are responsible for concentration, memory and learning.
These are some of the products that can help in your brain development and hence make you smarter. Make sure that you will use these products in your food recipes so that your recipe would be unique, perfect and at the same time healthier.

Author Bio

Jack Moris is a renowned chef and a financial writer of many of the blogs. From Hilton Paris to Hotel Bangkok Palace he has worked with great dedication and enthusiasm. His only dream is to motivate every possible aspiring candidate to become a chef through culinary schools

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