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Monday, 5 March 2012

Nail colors | winter nail colors

Nail polish is one of the mostly used items among the fashion accessories. It can be changed easily.  It is easy to buy, cheap in price. You can even do fun with it. Now a day, nail art is in fashion. One can easily do nail art with nail colors and can have fun. Usually nail colors comes in and out of the fashion according to the season. As bright and dark colors are mostly used in winters for dressing, makeup and all that fashion stuff. So nail polishes are also used in dark colors in winters. Here is some of my top and classy picks for the winter season which you would like to wear on your nails. 
Red is a color which is mostly used throughout the year. You can wear this color in any season, but for winter season, I recommend to use this color. As winter season reflects deepness and the red color is also a dark color so winter and red color make a true combination with each other. 

Some people get astonished when they hear about green nail polish color, as it is a unique color for wearing at nails. The most commonly used shade of green is military green and olive green. You can go for any shade of green in winters. It looks amazingly nice when used in jewel tomes with some glitter.

Blue is not a color, wear by everyone. Not everyone can easily carry this color with her. Navy blue is mostly used by women. 

There are lots of shades in metallic colors, as they are shiny and stay for a long time. The most commonly used metallic colors are metallic silver and metallic gold. Some times metallic blue and metallic green is also used in winters.

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