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Thursday, 29 March 2012

10 Ways To Increase Intelligence

Intelligence is not anyone’s property, everyone can avail it. It’s also right to say that intelligence doesn't comes from rank. Indeed hard work is necessary to gain success in this world but intelligence is also a key factor behind a successful person. A hard worker can gain success to a certain level but he cannot get a great achievement in his life without using intelligence. A famous proverb is that “Intelligence can produce money but from money no one can buy intelligence”. There are lots of useful ways and methods to make intelligence much better. But as we know that everything needs consistency so we have to be consistent in doing practices to increase your intelligence. Here are some of the interesting and enjoyable methods to increase the ability of being intelligent.
  1. Play word puzzle games with your friends. Scientists say that it is helpful in decreasing the psychic problems.
  2. Do add turmeric in your daily food. It is considered as the basic and must to add ingredient in daily meal.
  3. Learn karate or any other game like swimming or squash, which could increase your heartbeat fro some time.
  4. Do watch news on Aljazeera channel. Let new ideas come in your mind.
  5. Do not serve most of time on smart phones. Researches have shown that constantly checking emails on smart phones diverts the attentions.
  6. Take proper sleep at night.
  7. Take interest in learning new languages.
  8. Eat dark colored chocolates. It can definitely increase your stamina to become intelligent and learn new things.
  9. Build your own memory palace. Relate your memories with some pictures. It will help you to remember your events and memories.
  10. Keep yourself informed with technology related conferences. Try to participate in them, if you can’t participate then do read their summary or review.

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